Phil and Sarah Gudgeon, owners of Kickapoo Gold, have a family history of making maple syrup in the Kickapoo Valley dating back to the late 1800s. Their memories of making syrup the "old-fashioned" way stretch back to the 1950s when the family only produced syrup for their own needs and some to give away, burning an open fire beneath the sap cooking pan and canning the syrup on a stove in the basement.

I feel that our syrup is the only gold you will find in the beautiful Kickapoo area.

—Phil Gudgeon


Carrying on the family tradition became a larger scale production with the purchase of evaporator equipment and construction of the sugar house in 2002. Kickapoo Gold, LLC, was born, offering pure, certified organic maple syrup and maple cream.

From tree to table, Kickapoo Gold's syrup making process is a unique hybrid of old and new, producing high quality syrup while achieving sustainability and efficiency.

Kickapoo Gold also serves other local producers, offering a full line of products for producing maple syrup as a dealer for Leader Evaporator Co., Inc.